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BYU-Idaho is Open

BYU-Idaho is operating as normal, including the Testing Center. The Smith Building will re-open on Thursday. The university community offers its prayers and support to the students and employees affected by the flooding and extends its gratitude to all who have assisted in recovery efforts.

UPDATE: Testing Center to Open Wednesday

The Testing Center will be open and operating on Wednesday as usual. Classes will also be held as scheduled, with the exception of those in the Smith Building. Classes there are canceled for Wednesday and the building will be closed.

To reiterate, the university will be flexible with and accommodating of the students and employees who have been affected by the flooding. Faculty have been instructed to work with those students who need to focus on recovering from the flood. Similarly, university departments have been asked to appropriately accommodate employees who have been directly impacted by the flooding.

UPDATE: Classes to be Held Tomorrow

As previously announced, regularly scheduled Wednesday classes will be held tomorrow except in the Smith Building. Classes there will not be held tomorrow and the building will be closed.

While all other classes will be held as usual, the university recognizes the impact this event has had on students and employees. Faculty will be asked to be flexible in accommodating students who are dealing with the effects of the flooding. Also, university departments will accommodate employees who have been directly affected.

The BYU-Idaho Center remains open as a shelter.

Campus to Re-open Tomorrow Morning

The BYU-Idaho campus will re-open tomorrow morning for regularly scheduled Wednesday classes.

However, the Smith Building will be closed and all classes scheduled for tomorrow in that building are canceled. The Smith Building’s status will be assessed during the day, with more information to be announced tomorrow afternoon.