Hazardous Substances

Active Shooter BannerHazardous substances can create an extremely dangerous situation if not handled correctly. No matter how comfortable you may feel handling such substances inside or outside of the classroom, it is best to act with great care. If an accident does occur, follow the steps below.

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1. Evacuate and keep the area free of non-essential personnel.

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2. Report immediately to the Campus Security at 208-496-3000.

Chemical Spills:

If the spill is life-threatening or presents a fire hazard, evacuation should take place immediately. While waiting for Campus Security representatives to arrive, keep the area free of non-essential personnel. Do not allow smoking or an open flame near a chemical spill.

Fumes/Vapors/Gas Leaks:

If a vapor, fume, or gas leak enters your work place and you cannot determine the source, leave the area immediately and post a “DO NOT ENTER” sign.

Radioactive Spills:

Your first responsibility is to your own safety. Loss or damage of materials and equipment, under emergency conditions, is a secondary consideration. Take immediate measures to prevent the spread of contamination only if they can be completed safely. Evacuate the room or area immediately and seal it off to prevent entry. Post a “DO NOT ENTER” sign. Do not begin decontamination procedures until the situation is evaluated by a radiological health officer, unless the accident involves contaminated wounds.