Color Coding Emergencies

To help the BYU-Idaho campus community better understand how to respond to an emergency a simple color-coding is necessary for online and campus television alert messages. A different color corresponds to the threat level of the emergency and may change as an emergency situation unfolds. The levels and their respective colors are as follows:

Night time with moon and stars


A red emergency alert signifies a threat is happening. Instructions included in a red alert should be followed immediately.

Example: An active shooter is on campus and is in the process of shooting. Instructions will be to evacuate or hide, with fighting as a last option.

Authority Picture


An orange emergency warning will be issued if a threat is likely to occur. Precautionary instructions will be given at this stage of an emergency.

Example: A thunderstorm is approaching the Rexburg area that may cause heavy rains and flash flooding.

Protect Yourself Image


Yellow emergency messages will be displayed across campus to educate the campus community of possible emergency situations.

Example: Prevent disease and sickness by washing your hands, immunizing and seeking medical attention.

Night time with moon and stars


Green means an emergency has been resolved. After an orange or red alert has been issued color-coded messages displayed online and on campus televisions will be updated to a green alert message.

This is helpful for people who are checking or campus televisions for updates.