Winter 2020 Grading and Withdrawal Change

Given the many impacts from COVID-19 and with a great desire to help students succeed, BYU-Idaho has decided to make the following two changes for Winter Semester 2020 enrollments for both campus and online students.

All students are encouraged to explore their options before acting. To determine the best option for you, please counsel with your instructors, a trusted faculty mentor, or an academic advisor.

1. For each Winter Semester 2020 course, students may choose to receive the letter grade they earned or a pass grade.

  • You can request the best option for each individual course, (e.g., you may receive the letter grade earned in one course and request a pass in another).
  • Pass grades are not calculated into your BYU-Idaho GPA but will satisfy degree course requirements.
  • Pass grades may impact things such as graduate school application. Please work with an advisor if you have questions regarding graduate school preparation or other potential impacts.
  • Students who earn a letter grade of D+, D, D-, F, or UW can request a W (withdrawal), but they are not eligible to request a “pass” grade. (See information in the next section below for withdrawing from a course.)
  • Next week, you will receive specific information on the process, parameters, and deadline to request changing a letter grade to a pass grade.

2. The individual withdrawal and discontinuance deadlines have been extended to Monday, April 6, at midnight (MDT).

  • You may choose to withdraw from a course and receive a W grade.
  • W grades are not calculated into your GPA.
  • W grades will remain on your transcript even if you retake the course at a later date.
  • (U.S. ONLY) W grades lower your SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) percentage. A low cumulative SAP percentage may impact your ability to receive Federal Financial Aid. Contact 208-496-1411 with Financial Aid questions. Additionally, international students in F or J visa status must consult with the International Services Office prior to withdrawing from Winter Semester 2020 courses. Failing to do so may jeopardize your immigration status.

First published: 2020/03/30 @ 7:30 AM