Spring Semester 2020 Registration FAQs

In response to the recent official announcement that Spring Semester 2020 courses will be held remotely, the following information will assist students in making decisions and determining their next steps.

1. What does remote mean? What does online mean? Are they the same?

They are not the same. Online refers to the currently established online (ONLN) sections BYU-Idaho has offered for many years. ONLN sections are delivered asynchronously (not at a fixed time). As always, campus students are eligible to register for most online (ONLN) sections.

Remote is new to BYU-Idaho and refers to the method by which DAY (campus) sections will be delivered to students by “virtual gathering” away from the physical campus. The original times of these sections will not change. Instead of gathering in a physical building and room, you will be instructed to remotely connect with your instructors and fellow students at the designated, synchronous (same) time. This method will prevent overlap of teaching times and will minimize technology overload.

2. I am currently enrolled in DAY (campus) sections for Spring Semester 2020. Should I drop these sections and add online (ONLN) sections instead?

Not necessarily. You have the option to keep your DAY (campus) sections as currently registered. BYU-Idaho administrators will soon change all DAY sections from the original classroom location to reflect remote delivery. However, if desired, you may choose to change from a DAY section to an ONLN section. You are encouraged to first check ONLN section availability before dropping any DAY section.

3. Will any of my registered DAY sections be canceled entirely?

Some courses cannot be successfully delivered in a remote format. BYU-Idaho faculty and academic leadership are currently working to determine any courses that must be canceled. If you are registered in a section that will be canceled, you will be automatically dropped and notified directly of the cancelation through BYU-Idaho email.

4. What if I’m planning to graduate soon and a required course is canceled?

BYU-Idaho academic leadership is working to identify alternate paths to graduation if a specific course cannot be offered in spring semester. They are looking at all possibilities to continue moving students toward graduation with minimal delay. Please direct specific questions to your respective academic department.

5. Can I withdraw from all spring semester courses and return at a future date?

BYU-Idaho fully supports each student in making personal decisions that align with their individual needs and specific circumstances.

6. I am on-track spring semester. If I drop all my courses, will I need to request a deferment?

Yes. If you are on-track spring semester and you choose not to enroll, you need to seek a deferment in order to retain your admission status. However, if you are a fall/winter track student who previously received an override to attend spring semester, but you chose not to enroll, you do not need to defer spring enrollment.

7. I am a new student and spring semester was supposed to be my first semester at BYU-Idaho; can I defer my start to fall semester instead?

Yes. If you wish to postpone your enrollment to fall semester, please email admissions@byui.edu. If you are on the winter/spring track, you can use the same email to request an enrollment override to attend fall. The Admissions Office will follow up with you to discuss your options.

You do not need to defer your assigned start if you register for and complete a single course. The enrollment requirement will be satisfied even if you take less than a full-time course load. However, taking fewer than 12 credits may impact your financial aid eligibility. Contact financialaid@byui.edu with specific questions.

8. Will my scholarship and/or financial aid be impacted if my schedule changes?

Awarded aid is determined by the number and type of registered credits. Contact financialaid@byui.edu with specific questions.

9. I am an international student; how will my student visa be impacted if I do not register for enough credits?

International students will receive a separate communication with detailed information about enrollment requirements for spring semester.

First published: 2020/03/20 @ 10:19 AM